Back in the 1980s we produced our model of HMS Resolution and it became the worlds first true radio controlled submarine kit, designed to spend it's entire operating time below water, visible and under control. It took years for others to catch up and many 25 years plus Resolutions are out there and still giving a good account of themselves. Thanks to the Royal Navy giving me access to HMS Repulse with a camera some while back and Steve Pryce's modelling ability, R&R will soon be producing another "worlds first". HMS Repulse will be the first, totally accurate and detailed model submarine ever produced. There are no if and's or maybe's on this model, it is totally accurate in every detail. The tilng has been reproduced exactly as seen on the prototype in the last months of it's operational period, all retro mods are incorporated and these pictures will give just a little taster of what is to come. It is perhaps fitting that this model is a sister of the original Resolution.

And so it begins 3, The Repulse project is nearing completion, the moulds are made and the production masters completed. The next (and final) step is to manufacture production hulls so we can begin supply to modellers. Below are pictures of the model and what to expect, for my part I am delighted with the work so far, this will be an accurate depiction of HMS Repulse as she was when paid off and lying in Rosyth dockyard.

Paul Beckett has produced this superb 3D computer model of HMS Repulse's prop. Photographs taken at HMS Dolphin of the real prop displayed outside have enabled Paul to incorporate every detail. We will get this high quality 3D printed to manufacture this to be included in every HMS Repulse kit.

First print from Paul Beckett's drawing of the prop for HMS Repulse.