R&R Trumpeter Seawolf Conversion Kit is now available £325.

The R&R Engineering conversion kit is designed to make the conversion simple for the first time submarine builder, it consists of a pre-assembled watertight compartment including drive components, ballast tank and pump system, and battery compartment all ready to be installed in the hull.

From left to right in the following pic is the front end cap, battery and electronics section, ballast tank with baffles, pump and motor compartment, and rear end cap.

Here we see the electronics and battery compartment.The lower part of the compartment has a support section sized for a standard 6 cell, 7.2 volt NiMH or Ni Cad battery pack. It’s designed to be quite easy to swap batteries and keep running the boat for as long as you wish.The top plate is flat and offers plenty of room for speed controllers, pitch controller, and radio receiver.

In the center of the tube is the ballast tank, complete with baffles, inlet and outlet, and a central pass through tube for running the necessary wiring from the forward section to the aft section.

At the rear of the tube we find the pump and motor compartment.  From left to right we see the reversible pump for the ballast tank, with the tubing from the inlet to the tank already installed. Above it we see the vent tubing from the top of the ballast tank run to the aft end cap fitting. Behind the pump is the drive motor already fully installed with a universal joint and drive shaft. Straddling the motor are a pair of 9 gram servos, again already fitted and the wires run thru the ballast tank to the forward compartment. Above the motor is fitted a latching on/off switch for the main power lead.

Also included with the conversion kit are also a number of components required for the transformation.  From the top we see a lovely pre built bulkhead with prop shaft bushing and bell crank for the dive plane linkages. Below that are the dive plane push rods, cylinder end stop locators, cylinder “saddles”, and a set of bow reinforcements with magnets installed to hold the top and bottom of the hull together.  Off to the left side is the rudder push rod, the prop shaft, and a pair of magnetic push rod couplings.If you haven’t noticed yet, this entire unit is designed to be able to be removed from the hull with no tools or disassembly.

In the kit are a full set of cast brass control arms, rudder yoke, prop shaft coupling and propeller. All have been drilled, tapped, and have stainless steel setscrews already installed If you’ve ever built a sub from scratch you’ll recognize that these bits can be some of the most daunting to make. Here they are, fully done.

Included also are a complete set of cast resin control surfaces with pivot shafts cast into position, a pair of lead-in fairings for the dive planes, and a carrier with a central bearing for the prop shaft. 

Shown here is the tubing to attach to the ballast tank vent with the check valve installed. 

Here we see the aft end cap, and everything which comes through it.From the top there is a push button for the on/off switch, 2 push rods for the dive plane and rudder controls, and the main driveshaft with a yoke type arrangement to transmit rotation to the propeller shaft.All of these are run through o-ring type seals with adjustable caps for the sealing pressure.Also here are the ballast tank vent fitting at the top, and the ballast water inlet fitting at the bottom. As you can see, the amount of pre-fabrication and assembly make this entire unit a breeze to build. 

Please Note Radio Control equipment not included

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