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R & R Model Engineering use the latest technology to design and manufacture the best RC Submarine equipment available to you. All modules are manufactured using Polycarbonate Tube,Pressure Cast Resin End Caps, CNC cut HIPS for the Equipment trays. 

All have been tried and tested by some of the worlds best model submariners .

Easy to build FUN submarine where only your Imagination is the limit

Only £285

Plastic kit Conversion Kits.

Dive Modules.

Pumped Tank Dive Module (single pump)

All of our Modules come complete with Water Pump, Drive Motor, two Servos and on/off switch preinstalled.

Length  500 mm Diameter 80 mm  Price   £270

Length 400 mm Diameter 70 mm   Price   £250

Bespoke Sizes Price £ POA

Large Pumped Module (Double Pump)

All of our Modules come complete with Water Pump, Drive Motor, two Servos and on/off switch preinstalled.

This unit is suited for larger models  (OTW Vanguard, MMB Los Angeles and other similar sized models)  

100mm dia x 700mm long with a 1 litre (approx) ballast tank. 

Twin pumps ensure you are not waiting to dive and surface plus you have a back up pump (just in case). The standard unit has 2 servos supplied and fitted  £395

A 3 or 4 servo option is also available which will make the unit around 50 mm longer.

3 servo version £425

4 servo version £440

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Twin Shaft  Pumped Module

Just like the rest of our Modules these also come complete with Water Pump, two Servos, Twin RS 385 Drive Motors and on/off switch preinstalled. 

We have also included

Kwik Klip Magnetic Pushrod  Connectors 


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Designed to fit Ark Models Type VII U Boat 

Revell Gato 1/72nd scale

Lindberg IJN I 53 

And other similar sized twin shaft models

 Bronco Models  Type XXIII U boat  

We’ve been asked several times to produce a unit that would suit the Bronco type XXXIII, the design of these things does take a while to get right but this is now an addition to the range. 70mm dia by just over 600mm long this new unit includes 3 metal geared servos so that forward vanes can be used if required, the unit also contains the larger 540 type motor to ensure enough power for the large prop on this model. Price £315.00.

Dynamic Dive Module

80mm Diameter x 300mm Long, includes motor Price  £170

Bespoke Sizes to order Price £ POA   

Mountfleet Models Chariot Conversion Kit. £290.


Motor Boxes

Motor box to fit 540 can size motor Price £55 Includes Motor

QD Push Rod Quick Release Clips £30.00 Pair. 

Suitable for Large Models

Push Rod Stuffing Box  £ 35.00 Pair

Kwik Klip Magnetic Push Rod Connectors

Machined from solid brass with stainless steel grub screws and drilled to take up to 2mm rods the links contain rare earth magnets and are 8mm dia x 20mm lg when assembled. Cost is £25/pair and includes postage within the UK 

Submarine Tiller Arm Sets

The smaller set has 2mm holes for rudder link and cranked vane arms and 3mm holes for the straight arms, the coupling is 4mm at both ends and the cost is £35.oo for the full set as shown.

The larger set has 3mm holes for rudder link and larger tiller arms, 2mm for smaller arms (vanes) and again the coupling is 4mm both ends. Cost is £45.00 for the full set.

Post and Packaging is applicable to all orders

Overseas customers are welcome, please contact us for postage rates, etc.