HMS Repulse was one of two Resolution-class ballistic missile submarines ordered from Vickers-Armstrongs on 8 May 1963, with a further two ordered from Cammell Laird the same day. Repulse was laid down at Vickers Armstrongs' Barrow-in-Furness shipyard on 12 March 1965 and was launched on 4 November 1967,[1] She was launched by Lady Joan Zuckerman who was the wife of the Chief Scientific Advisor.[2] Repulse ran aground in the Walney Channel during the launch, although she was undamaged and successfully floated off on the next high tide.[3] She commissioned on 28 September 1968.[4] While she was planned to be the third of her class, delays with the build of HMS Renown at Cammell Laird's Birkenhead shipyard meant that Repulse overtook Renown and was commissioned second of class.[5] She was the last of her class remaining in service with the navy, decommissioning in 1996.

The construction of the model has been delayed by the models attention to detail and the British official secrets act. The masters to the model were constructed by Stephen Pryce  a valued friend, using photographs taken just after the payoff of the prototype in August 1996.

R&R have manufactured the model to the highest standards using the latest resins rather than standard GRP and is supplied with castings of the highest standards and the very best of materials (virgin ABS, polycarbonate tube, high impact resins, stainless steel and nickel silver and low zinc brass)

The dive module includes twin ballast tanks, twin water pumps and 3 servos all fitted and included along with all control rods and magnetic connectors. The module is attached simply with elastic bands and a novel coupling spring to aid removal and realigning the main coupling simply by sliding the prop backwards.

The model can be set up in 3 different ways by using either a single ESC for both pumps or using a separate ESC for each pump on a separate channel for each pump (making trim easily adjusted) or by using a mixer to the separate ESC's and two channels (making trim even easier).

We have tried to cover every problem with this model and make it as easy to build that is practical but do not make any assumptions, this kit is not difficult to build but it cannot be described a a beginners kit, it does need some skills and experience with drilling and filing to get moulds to fit nicely.

The cost of the complete kit is £1100.00 and we consider highly competitive in todays market when compared with other models by other manufacturers.