Here you will find a few images of boats built with R & R products.

Mick Higgott's Engel Typhoon fitted out with two twin 100mm piston tank modules. The boat also has such features as automatically raising and lowering periscopes, folding front dive planes, bow thruster, and operating torpedoes.

Ron Perrott's own HMS Resolution...this boat has been a test bed for a lot of R & R's products.

An original R & R Aquabat, designed and manufactured by them many years ago. This one still performs faultlessly every time it goes out! . They are NOW available again see Aquabat page for more details

Pre Production Aquabat from the 80's and the only moulded red one in the world. Built by our late mate Eric Fowler. Still going strong today being skippered by his son Rob Fowler

A selection of R & R modules, designed and built to fit into various boats.
Left is an original Resolution fitted out with radio box and twin piston tanks. Next to it is a Revell Skipjack with a twin piston tank module. The three modules to the right have been built to customers' specifications. The one on the far right is a dynamic dive version especially built to fit into a Darnell X Craft.

A large Los Angles class boat in the process of being fitted out with a custom designed and built twin piston tank module, with a separate motor box.

Ron Perrott's own Alfa class boat fitted out with a twin piston tank module.

A Darnell X craft midget submarine fitted out with custom built dynamic dive module

Gerald Gough of Burbage, Leicestershire sent me a couple of pictures of his very rare Lindbergh Japanese i53 kit. Gerald has modified the kit to house one of our standard units. As far as I am aware this is the first one to be converted successfully to full radio control with full negative capability. The boat runs like it's on rails and Gerald has cleverly utilised the kit parts with very little modification to make up into a unique and unusual model. Nice one Gerald, you should be proud of that one.

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Peter Redfern of Cleckheaton, West Yorkshire has built this superb model of the Mountfleet Chariot Using our module for operation. This model is Peter’s first attempt at building a working submarine and is a credit to his skill. Nice one Peter, I suspect we shall hear a lot more from you in the future.

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David Hillyard from Dawlish in Devon has been modelling model boats for many years and was one of the stalwarts from Bournville model boat club way back in the early 80s but for the first time he has turned his attentions to submarines. The beautifully weathered and detailed Skipjack seen here is the result. David has experienced no problems putting our kit together other than the odd phone call for a bit of guidance. David, this is an amazing piece of work and proves once and for all that there is no “trick” to building a fully operational model submarine and these days no need to start off simple. Not too shabby Dave, not too shabby at all.         My thanks to Robert Marks for the superb pictures shown here.

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Mark Rogerson from Elesmere Port has built this Aquabat but has painted it up to look just a little bit different.
This shows what can be done with a little imagination, the electrics look superb Mark and I love the way you have utilised the dome as an optic fibre.
Not exactly standard but a superb bit of modelling and a unique variation on our model. You should be proud of that one. I cant wait to see it in action.

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Aquabats have crossed the pond. Jim Butt a well know figure in RC Submarines in the US has just completed the first Aquabat build in America. He reports that the model was everything he wanted from it and more. "Great build , great performance and a great look, ". What more can we say other than enjoy his pictures and build log here - Marc... - June...

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Jeremy Beloff has done a superb job of his Revel Skipjack using one of our Piston Module Conversion. Let the video do the talking, highlighting even in a tight space they can still perform really well.