This little boat has proven to be a major hit with model submariners in general and R/C modellers in particular. The detail depicted is superb and spot on with the prototype and at around £50 for a kit it represents excellent value for money.

   We at R&R recognised the potential of the “Skippy” as soon as we saw the first models and set out to produce a conversion kit so it could be easily converted to radio control.

   R&R Model Engineering offer two conversion kits for this popular kit. The first is our  pumped system, the second is the Premium Line twin piston tank. 

    The kits also include all the tiller arms (cast in brass), control rods and cnc cut bulkheads required to complete the kit as well as some nifty cnc cut grills to secure over the moulded grill positions depicted on the model we also supply a tapered brass insert so that the propeller supplied with the kit can be utilised. All in all we feel that we have got it covered, other than the radio control and electronics there is nothing else needed to complete and run a fully submersible Skipjack.


Photo above converted Skipjack just on the dive.

Pumped Tank Module Conversion Kit

Price £335

Conversion Kit installed into a hull. Please note Radio Control Equipment not included.

Premium Line Twin Piston Tank Conversion Kit £450

Premium Line Conversion conversion kit installed into the hull.

The below images show the gratings included in the conversion kit that R & R have developed to fit into the flood slots in the hull, along with pictures of our own model prior to weathering

Please note : the Skipjack kit is NOT included with the conversion set.