This is a recent conversion job carried out by R&R Model Engineering. 

A customer asked to have a twin piston tank module installed into his Sheerline Akula, together with working torpedoes.

A module was especially designed, built and fitted, and a standard set of torpedoes modified to fit in the confined space in the Akula bows.

Photo above shows the basic module as designed.


The two photos above show the modified torpedo tubes, shortened to fit into the Akula bows.

Photograph above shows the completed torpedo installation.

This photo shows the clever little catch to secure the top and bottom halves of the boat together, and also the torpedo exit covers.


Photo above shows the boat as delivered to the customer.

Needless to say, the customer was very happy with the work carried out by R&R.


Photo above shows the Akula on her shake down patrol at Bournville Lake, running at decks awash, and preparing for her maiden dive.

Ron Perrott at the controls.

Grateful thanks to Robert Marks for allowing his photographs to be used on this page.