Model submarines firing torpedoes is nothing new, modellers have been playing around with the idea for many years, but none have really been successful.

Until now..

R&R Model Engineering first designed and constructed working torpedoes over twenty years ago, and over the years they have seen many changes and refinements in the design and materials used.

Now available as a kit to easily install in a huge variety of boats, from early WW1 U boats, WW2 boats, through to the modern day nuclear hunter killer submarines.

Image above shows the torpedo kit.

The two images below show two different installations, both in Engel Typhoon boats.

Mick Higgott's Typhoon showing the installation of a torpedo kit.

A different method of torpedo installation, this time in Roy Palmer's Typhoon.

The video clips below  show a torpedo being fired from an Engel Typhoon, owned by Roy Palmer.

The torpedoes were installed by R&R Model Engineering.

It should be noted that firing torpedoes from a sub can be dangerous, and shouldn't be undertaken lightly. Don't gas them right up and fire them in a small pool, they can leave the water. Do not fire them at the local wildlife, and never fire them indoors.

Think long and hard before firing them, and please don't fire them at other boats.